We've Updated Our Terms of Service

To better service our community of SAM clients, we've updated our Terms of Service and privacy policy.

These terms apply to everyone in your organization who uses SAM.  Since we know you're busy, we've summarized the key changes below. This summary is not exhaustive, so we encourage you to review the full terms of service here on our website.

Key Changes:

  • Support Level Clarification
    We've updated our support section to clarify free and paid support levels. Free support includes answers to general questions about SAM features and their setup, as well as bug reporting and repair of software defects. The paid support level is billed at $95/hour with a 15 minute minimum, or via a support pack purchased by your organization. 
  • Scope of Support
    We've outlined issues that fall outside our scope of support, such as third-party software and any code not added to your system by an InReach Solutions employee.
  • Removal of Security Section
    We've removed the security section from the Terms of Service as most of it was a repeat of the Data & Privacy section. Security features can be found on our website's Security page.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us via the "Support" link in your SAM.