Configuring & Using Public Checklists

Still asking your families to email (or snail mail??) you documents? With SAM's public checklists, families can log in to their secure checklist and clearly see the tasks they need to complete during each part of a program. That's right, families can complete forms and upload all the documents and forms for their home study and licensing right from home.

You should be familiar with SAM checklists before diving too deep into this, so be sure to checkout the guides at

If you're ready to move on to the public checklist item configuration, take a look at this video:


  • Checklist items need to have the "Shown For Client" option checked to be visible for families
  • Families need to have that item on their case checklist to see it
  • Families will need the link to your public checklist form. They can request a password using the email(s) associated with their SAM record and login.
  • Families will only see their checklist items (and only the ones set as viewable by clients)
  • As soon as your family completes a task or document it will be marked as completed on the internal checklist view as well (for forms associated with a checklist, use an Automatically Entered Field value or Auto Action to set the checklist item as complete, since the form won't know it's associated with the checklist item).

If you have questions or want to schedule a 1:1 strategy call with our team, use the Support link in your SAM site!