SAM Update 8.31.2018

Introducing the new SAM Help Site:

You'll notice that the "Help" icon now takes you to our new help guide side. Our team is continuing to add guides to better support admins and SAM users, and we hope you enjoy the improved platform!

Name Display Improvements:

SAM will now show both last names of families, donors, and volunteers regardless of gender. Additionally, male entities will no longer be placed first by default. SAM will display Parent 1 then Parent 2. For special name fields (such as "First Names") often used on templates, this also fixes the issue of SAM ignoring part of a couple based on gender.

Auto Actions Turn into Insert Actions When Needed

If you have an auto action set up to insert a checklist section about the home study when the case progresses, but no home study recorded has been added yet, SAM will now recognize this and add the record for you.

Other improvements:

  • Any SAM user with access to checklists will now be able to assign any staff member to a task. Previously the full list was visible only to administrators.
  • Emails with the Entity ID anywhere in the subject line will now match to records. Previously the subject had to end with the ID. Additionally you no longer need to include the "#" symbol before the number.
  • Emails forwarded to coworkers or moved into folders will no longer create duplicate communication records.
  • Email importing improvements: emails placed into folders with a trailing space were sometimes excluded from import.
  • Fixes for checklist document naming issues.
  • Fixes for checklist filter issues.
  • Care Payment Hub improvements.
  • Spouses will no longer display at the top of individual Person records or in Person search.