Falling in Love with Forms | User Interface Design

User Interface put into plain English: how you and your computer system interact. Toss in the word design and we’re talking adding style to our systems and everything digital we use to make our business go round.

Whether we are talking documents, sub forms, stats, or any of the other super necessary things for organization, SAM makes sorting and making sense of it all so simple. Even better, SAM also makes it possible to add design elements to our forms that will give us all heart eyes.

There are so many tried and true benefits to using SAM to create and organize our forms. So, to make it simple we’ll chat about a few of those lovely perks today.


1.     Easy to learn. Efficient to implement.

Let’s be honest with each other. No one wants to be weighed down with learning a complicated program. You need something that you can easily grasp so you can quickly add it to your workflow. That is SAM, my friend. We’re talking a friendly user experience that leads to incredible productivity improvements.

  • Maintain consistent layouts for Cover pages, whether they are across programs or across Entity types.

  • Ensure your sidebar links clearly define the information and resources found behind them

  • Your team will love internal guides to help them navigate your system after configurations to your SAM have been made.

2.     Inviting design leads to more engagement.

We all want people to fill out our forms, use our apps, and even stay on our website. That’s why we knew SAM would be an important tool for you. You have the ability to avoid frustration, concentrate on your goals, and create an enterprise application that is beautiful and intuitive. Thanks to SAM we can have a system in place that causes people to want to use it, and more importantly, keep using it.

  • SAM users really love sidebar icons. Use them!!

  • Forms have horizontal, vertical, single and two column layouts. Allow yourself to be creative when formatting forms.

3.     Removes the guesswork.

In SAM, we answer the question of what to do next. We knew having an approach that was centered around your approach to design was necessary so you have a clear vision of what to do now AND what to do next. Super easy!

  • Add messaging to the top, bottom and under section headings in SAM to guide your team and end-users with resources and specifics for the info collected on that form or section.

  • Field hints support users to enter correct information.

  • And don’t forget icons here either! They can add a design touch that makes getting through lengthy forms feel breezy and true to your voice.

To help you decide if your User Interface Design could use some elevating here are some questions we recommend asking your team:

  • Do you enjoy the look and feel of our documents, forms, etc.?

  • Can you easily navigate through the User Interface?

  • Is there enough guidance to help you achieve your goals?

  • If users encounter a problem, how do they deal with it?

Creating visually appealing documents doesn’t have to be a labor of love. It can simply be a process to be in love with. Trust me when I tell you that everyone who views your forms, systems, etc. will thank you for using SAM!

As always, reach out if you have any questions! we’re always here to help!