Arizona Child Care Tax Credit

Did you know in the state of Arizona offers a child care tax credit? What does this mean? The Arizona Foster Care Credit offers a dollar-to-dollar reduction of your state income tax obligation for donations that qualify as a foster care charitable organization. The tax credit offers up to $500 for an individual or $1000 for a couple. 

A statewide list of qualifying foster care charitable organizations can be found at

This is a huge step forward for the human services industry to incentivize people to donate to local and state charities inside of the foster care system in Arizona. After you contribute, don’t forget to print and save the confirmation page to provide to your tax preparer and/or keep for your tax records.

Bottom line? You can either pay the state or you can help transform the lives of vulnerable, at-risk children at no additional cost to you. Please take full advantage of this opportunity to help children in foster care.

While other states aren’t jumping on board right away, there are things you can do to help! 

  • Try writing letters/emails to  your state representatives. Use the Arizona tax credit as an example. 

  • If you don’t live in Arizona, but know someone who does, educate them and encourage them to utilize this tax credit. 

  • Talk to your tax preparer to see if there any tax credits you do qualify based on your donations to the human services industry. 

  • If you live in Arizona, be sure to donate each year to qualifying organizations and encourage others to do so!

Our team at InReach Solutions will continue to bring you updated legislation that helps the human services industry! If you have a topic you’d like us to discuss in relation to laws, tax credits, etc that benefit social workers and their community, please email us!