2: Cases & Connections

Now that you've learned how to find, add, and edit records, it's time to start thinking about how your records relate to your programs. To do so, you'll need a solid of the workflow your team follows from the start of a program (such as an application form) to its conclusion ( such as a placement).

In this lesson you will learn...

✔ What cases are and how they are used
✔ The basic layout of SAM records, including the Cover Page
✔ How to connect different entity types on a record
✔ Tips for breaking down workflow into clear steps



Clients may interact with your organization multiple times, or be involved in one or more program at once.

To avoid overwriting important information, SAM uses cases to track each interaction separately. SAM will automatically add a new case when a new client record is added. You can add a new case on the existing record under Options, or from "Add new case" forms. 

Assignment 1: Customize Your Case Fields

When adding a new client record, you'll notice several fields specific to the case. One to pay attention to today is the Case Program field. Like the "Person Type" field, this list is editable.

Take a moment today to customize the programs for your client(s) by clicking the "Edit" link next to the field, as shown in the video above.

Assignment 2: Add a Test Client with a Case

Let's practice adding client records and see how cases appear. You can follow these steps for any client type, but we'll use the Child tab in this example.

  1. Click on the Child tab
  2. Click "Add New Child" in the sidebar
  3. Enter some test information and hit "Save"
  4. After saving, you're taken to the child's cover page. Look for the Case Navigation on this page (there will only be one case)
  5. Add a second case under Settings > Add New Case

Connecting Records

Social work is all about connections between individuals and organizations, and SAM is no different. Now that you've created a test client record, let's explore the ways you can connect a client to other records.

Simple Connections:

Some of the fields on your test client's cover page are list fields which show specific person types. Find the "Case Worker" field and click edit. Connect the test record to an available person and save. You can now click on the Case Worker field and be taken directly to that person's record.

Complex Connections:

Some connections take a little more time to establish, such as adoption records, placement records, match referrals. These records are special because they can describe the connection between two or more clients, like a child, an adoptive family, and birth parents.

If you already have a test family record, you can connect your test child record to it via the "Adoptions" link on the sidebar.

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 3.23.26 PM.png