Throughout the US, organizations are using SAM to simplify case management and put their focus back to serving their communities

SAM has literally improved every aspect of our daily functioning and productivity. Not only is the system totally user-friendly but it uses familiar terminology, can be “tweaked” on-site to conform to our agency’s unique environment and, the best part, there is no maintenance contract.
— Anna Belle, Executive Director

SAM is so much more than I could have ever expected or wished for from an adoption client database. SAM goes well beyond the typical client database systems. [...] It helps to make our jobs easier by localizing all aspects of our client contacts into one system.

If you are looking for a client database to implement, then look no further, SAM has it all. I have researched other adoption client databases and they all fall far short of SAM in many ways, from its user friendliness, to cost, to its ability to be custom designed to meet our needs as an agency.
— Steffany, Executive Director

Intuitive program. Intuitive staff. Staff are in reach / Inreach!

We used to struggle with several databases that could not “talk” to each other. We were forced to use canned reports that were neither useful or customizable. We also used countless spreadsheets to track all sorts of information. To have one database that provides online registration for events, stats on donors, tracks youth and family interest from pre-placement to adoption finalization is a boon to our activities!

Seamlessly integrating interest forms and auto actions, visitors to our website are treated with immediate access to adoption information and can record their interest on a child featured. This data goes right into SAM and we get real-time statistics on individualized home screens.

When something doesn’t work right it is downright frustrating. It’s a comfort to know that SAM has our back. The Inreach staff bends over backwards to get things working right to ensure we are not down for the count. What’s more, they do it in a timely fashion.
— Nancy, Database and Administrative Manager

IT WORKED!!!! I am dancing on top of my desk! Thank you thank you thank you for such a great tool! This office is going to be rocket-powered for reports and have tremendous templates!
— Suzanne, Systems Coordinator

SAM is so slick, I now have time to take on additional responsibilities.
— Sue, Administrative Coordinator

Our Treatment Foster Care agency was operating with a 10+ year old database. Our old database was not user friendly and access was limited to a few administrative employees. We needed a database that could meet the needs of our growing agency. After a thorough market search we settled on Inreach Solutions SAM.

The system implementation and training went very smoothly. Our employees have embraced the system and truly appreciate the availability of real time information. The tools provided by SAM are easy to use and robust. In particular Report Builder, Template Designer and Automated Actions have become staples of our daily life.

The service and attention we have received while implementing SAM have been excellent. We strongly recommend SAM.
— Rick, Agency Advisor

This is the only database on the market that solved our needs. It was created to manage the inter-country adoption process and helps us stay Hague compliant by tracking the required training, notifications, documents, finance, post–adoption work and really, everything we do in our day to day work.

The reporting features are flexible and allow us to track endless details.
— Tomilee, Founder and CEO