Need more foster families?


SAM can help with that.

SAM let's you break up your application into smaller sections that can be completed in a single setting. That means applicants can save their progress and come back later, increasing their chances of finishing the application materials while delivering their completed sections right to your database. Did we mention you'll never have to deal with paper applications ever again?

Connect foster youth with the right family faster with SAM.

SAM's foster care tools allow you to find potential foster families faster with real-time reports, licensing and education management, and full-customization depending on your agency's focus and specialties.


Create reports to see licensing, capacity and demographic information on families and compare it against youth waiting for placements and their needs. Or build a report to see current placements, inquiring families, outstanding education requirements, and more. Any information you need can be pulled into a report for real-time insight and shared with others.


Education & Licensing

Track outstanding education requirements for foster care families as well as licensing. Invite families to attend trainings with events, automatically receive notifications and send emails to families when expiration dates approach.


Foster Care Payments

SAM comes ready with a built-in foster payment calculator and scheduling tool that can be customized depending on your state's regulations. Track payments, administrative fees, respite credits, and more.

Home Study Checklists

Take the guesswork out of the home study process: create step-by-step checklists in SAM and invite families to submit their documents online via their secure SAM portal. SAM automatically notifies responsible case & home study workers when a document is received, so you know exactly what's left to keep the process moving along.


Foster to Adopt

If your agency works to pair waiting foster youth with adoptive families, you can build your program in SAM to automatically turn a foster care record into an adoptive record, or build special outreach initiative such as Heart Galleries to help children find their forever homes.


Foster Care Treatment

Track medical and mental health needs of your youth in our secure database to pair them with suitable families and professionals. Enter or import therapy session notes, medication, and incidents in a centralized spot for team members to see.