2: Login & Manage

Setup SAM Users

1: Login to your SAM site

You should have received your login information in an email from us after your initial site setup. If you are not the primary SAM administrator, you will need to be added to the system first by your SAM lead.

Watch this video to learn how to find and edit Person records, add a new record, and grant SAM access:


2: Find and edit your own record

As shown in the video above, your first task after logging in is to find and edit your own record.

  1. Click on the Persons tab
  2. Type your last name
  3. Click on your record
  4. In the sidebar to your right, click "Edit Login / Permissions" to change your password.
  5. Feel free to add additional information about yourself by clicking on "Edit Person" in the sidebar.

3: Add a new user

Once you've finished editing your own record, try adding a team member to your SAM.

  1. Click on the Persons tab
  2. Click "+ Add Person"
  3. Enter basic information, such as their name
  4. Under "Person Type" select "Own Employee" to set them as a part of your staff
  5. Under "Main Organization" select your agency.
  6. Hit save

More About Person Types

The Person Type field allows you to specify their role, such as an employee or home study provider. Define common roles in your organization and how those roles relate to clients.


4. Provide Access to SAM

If you wish to provide this person with SAM access, you'll then need to:

  1. Click on "Edit Login / Permissions" on their record's sidebar
  2. Enable login
  3. Set a Permission Level
  4. Set a temporary password (share this with the user)
  5. Click "Save"

The new user can then login to SAM using the credentials you created. They can change their password just like you did: by finding their own record and clicking on "Edit Login / Permissions" in the sidebar.

Who makes a good SAM admin?

SAM Admins manage users and customize SAM to fit your organization's needs. This role is the mediary between your organization and SAM's support team, so your organization has a unified voice. We recommend training two people in this role.

A Good SAM Admin....
  • Is a dedicated employee keen on seeing SAM be successful and is excited about your organization
  • Has time to read guides and courage to click links and test in SAM
  • Has understanding of the different roles in your organization and how roles relate to SAM