Next Steps

1. Schedule an Implementation Call

You may have already spoke with our team about premilinary setup, but now that you have your priority program's workflow, we can begin the process of helping you build it in SAM.

2. Prepare for Data Migration

Unless you are starting completely from scratch, you'll likely have existing case and person information to import into SAM. Our team can assist you with the data migration process, or you can import spreadsheets of information into a SAM report by using the steps outlined here. Ask our team which option might be best during an implementation call.

3. Setup Email Importing

If your SAM package includes email importing, now is a good time to set this up. You may need assistance from your email provider or IT person. We have a step by step guide on this here on our support page.

4. Continue Learning

Our Best Practices Video Series dives deep into SAM tools and features

Read SAM Help Guides

We have hundreds of how-to guides on every SAM feature and option. Use the search option to find what you need and try things out in your own site!