Pricing Transition

We're implementing a new pricing model to simplify billing, make SAM's full feature set available to all clients, include email support and ensure our rates reflect our services. 

When will this change happen?

The date of your agency's rate change depends on several factors, including prepayment agreements and contract dates.

The billing and main SAM contact for your agency should have received an email from our team detailing your billing change date and estimated rate. If your agency did not receive this information, please let us know via

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How will I be charged?

The new model is based on your organization's number of SAM users with logins enabled, number of users with Full Admin permission, number of users with Email Importing enabled, and the Donor/Volunteer module, if enabled for your site.

All SAM sites come with 10 users, 3 of those users may have the Full Admin permission. Additional users above 10 are tracked and rated based on the size of the organization.


Your billing will reflect the maximum amount of users during the month. That means that even if a user is given a SAM login only for one day, their account will be counted in your monthly total.

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When will I be billed?

We are changing subscription fees from payment in advance of the month of service to the usage at the end of each month, so your subscription and project fees will be for the same month. You may notice a longer span between invoices from the final advance payment and when your new rate takes effect. 

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Several reports have been added to the sidebar of your SAM Security Center to help you understand your billing and manage users and admins.

Navigate to Settings >> Security Center and look for the reports on the sidebar. Refer to the help guides linked below for more information:

What happens to Support Credits?

The value of Support credits you may have will be added as a credit to your account for all services we may provide. Invoices for subscription and/or project fees will be pulled from this balance until it is used.

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Is Prepayment still an option?

Yes - your agency is still welcome to make a prepayments at a 6% discounted rate. To take advantage of this discount, you can prepay a minimum of 12 months x your estimated rate. As time continues, we'll average your last 3 months rate x 12 to determine your prepayment. All subscription and project fees incurred will be deducted from this balance. 

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What Support Work Is Included as part of the change?

Email support is included in these rates, so you'll see a vast reduction in time logged. When we partner with your team on projects for customization, data migration or training, we'll notify you that we consider your request a project, so you can choose how to proceed. 

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