SAM Launch

Once you have selected a SAM package, we'll follow these steps to launch your new SAM site and get you started! Email if you have questions along the way.

1. Sign and email contract to InReach Solutions. We'll invoice from your selections.


Pay by Check
InReach Solutions
4110 SE Hawthorne Blvd #243
Portland OR 97214

Pay by Credit Card

Click Pay Now on the invoice. 



2. Tell us about your organization & SAM Site Details.

Upon receipt of first month payment, we will send an online form to understand your goals, how you want to handle training and data migrations, and who will be your SAM Administrators.

We will setup your SAM site and send an email with your SAM site link and Administrator's temporary login credentials.


3. Get Started & Training

Your SAM site comes with access to our SAM Get Started Guide series, which will provide you a tour of SAM and some thinking material as you start to organize your processes into SAM. Set aside a little time each day after you receive your site to focus on each topic in the guides. 

SAM Lead Training is scheduled after you've received your SAM site and have about a week or so to review the Get Started Guides. We've divided this training into six 2-hour sessions individualized to your agency's processes. 


Optional: Data Migration

If your organization is currently using a different electronic database system, you may want to transfer that data into SAM. To see if this option is right for you, you can review our Data Migration Process page for more details.