Technical Specifications

No downloads, no upkeep

Our development team uses established, dynamic tools to bring you a well-planned software application for all organizations in the child welfare and social service communities.


Works in ALL browsers

SAM can be accessed with any of the latest W3 standards compliant Internet web browsers. SAM is also fluid, so if you need to open additional tabs to view more information at one time, go for it!

Included Browsers:

  • Firefox (All)
  • Safari (All)
  • Opera (All)
  • Internet Explorer 7+


  • SAM is built using ASP.NET 2.0 framework and runs in IIS6 or IIS7. uses SQL Server 2008.
  • SAM uses SQL Server 2008 for its database engine and is optimized to take advantage of new data types and query options.
  • SAM uses AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) to achieve lightning fast responsiveness and load times.

Advanced Controls

SAM uses our own custom controls for all the advanced controls and reports. The authentication at login is also custom where the user is issued a special session token each time that they log in. The session token expires after a period of inactivity. The session token is validated each time that a user requests a page. This session token expires at each logout, whether intentional or an inactivity logout.

Documents & Photos

Documents and Pictures are stored outside of the database to maximize speed moving around in SAM, but also as an added layer of security. Each request to access a document or picture is first authenticated against the user's permission level.

Data Migration

We have worked hard to make switching to SAM easy. Our Migration Utility, MigEasy, is just that. It provides a simple way for us to compare your current database to SAM and match fields quickly and easily. Where duplicates are concerned, our functionality has a merge tool that allows you to match same records and combine all data into one record. This tool works for your lists as well.