SAM User Guide

Welcome to SAM - your organization's shiny, new online database!

SAM is where all your program records and case files will live. Depending on your organization, you may also use SAM for client forms, reporting, accounting, communication, and more.

Moving into a new system always takes some getting used to. The following guide is intended to give you the understanding and confidence you need to begin exploring and using SAM.



Before you begin...


1. SAM Navigation

Learn about the tabs in your SAM site, and how to search for and navigate between records.

Once you've finished, open up your SAM site and find your own record under the Person tab!

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2. Cases

Some SAM records contain cases, allowing your team to collect information about each program a client is involved with. Learn how to navigate and add cases to a record.

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3. Adding & Editing Records

Now that you're familiar with finding and navigating between records and their cases, let's practice editing your own Person record, then adding a test program record, such as a child.

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4. Reports

SAM reports offer real-time data and insight on your organization's many programs and initiatives. Watch this video to learn how to add reports to your SAM account and practice powerful filtering and search tools.

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