Collect & Connect

All Your Records in one place

It doesn't take code or advanced technical knowledge to begin building and connecting a customized database system suited to your specific programs. 

Understand Relationships

Interlinked records in SAM make it easy to see, find, and edit related cases, persons, agencies, and other important documentation. 

Prevent Duplication

Easily reuse information for multiple records, cases, roles, and events. Automatic duplication tools prevent staff from entering the same record more than once.

Portable Case Management

Staff can access their case records anytime, on any device with an internet connection.

Covert & Connect Records

Has a client become a volunteer? A family become donors? Reuse existing record information by converting an existing record to a new entity. Updates made to one of the linked records (such as address or phone number) automatically change in the other.

Create Custom Fields

Plans with the Form Customizer module allow you to to create new tables and fields and eliminate costly custom development required with other database solutions.


Form Customizer

Form Customizer is used to completely customize your SAM by creating new fields and forms. Through an interface that mirrors the form’s output, you can create new fields, set required fields, and reorganize your database.

Every field your create is usable throughout SAM: on forms, reports, templates, checklists and auto actions. No further coding is necessary to bridge these functions because the framework standardizes this process.