SAM is case management software designed for adoption and foster care.

Save your agency and clients hours each week with a centralized, secure online database and powerful toolset that drives your mission.


Find matches and families faster with customized reports and online forms.

Simplify matching, home studies, and reporting with customized tools.


"You really understand this sector and presented me with options to customize it for our work. I'm grateful that you are holding my hand and walking me through how to best use SAM to capture the information that is so important to our agency!"

Carol Montie, CMFCAA


Consolidate & connect all records in one searchable database available from any device. Quickly make sense of relationships. Track notes, locations, payments, health information, anything you need to know. 


Track each program from start to finish. Action items that appear automatically and notify responsible staff. Collect information from your clients online and keep all documents and dates together.



Make sense of data in real-time with innovative tools to understand patterns, outcomes, and relationships. Easily add stats to any report for quick analysis and filtering. 

Email Importing

SAM can automatically import all emails related to a client or case and store them in a central, secure location on the client's or organizations record. 



Create payment schedules, configure advance fee calculations based on several factors, create and send invoices and receipts, accept online payments and donations, and more.

Form Customizer

Customize SAM from top to bottom with pages and forms tailored to your programs. Create internal forms, cover pages, and public forms for your clients to complete online.


Auto Actions

Automate data entry, emails, alerts, and record updates through auto action rules. For example, SAM can automatically alert a case worker and client when a form is due, or a license is expiring.

Outreach & Marketing

Use fields from your database to automatically include names and other case information on SAM-generated letters or emails. Create email newsletters, manage volunteers, solicit donations, webpages, and more,

We love SAM, and we want to be sure you and your staff love it too!

Our team offers one-on-one, real time support to help you implement and make the most of SAM, as well as in-depth workflow and efficiency consultations, events, and continuing education and freebies.