Any business that collects and uses information can benefit from using SAM! We use SAM to manage our software company, others use it to match adoptable children to families, and seniors to community resources.

It's true - some companies offer their software for "free" to nonprofits. However, you'll quickly find that "free" has limitations, especially in terms of how many users, records, or features you can have. Additionally, other database companies make it quite difficult to get your information out of their system, should you ever want to move. And if you need custom fields or forms, "free" can turn to costly in a flash.

With SAM, you get unlimited users, unlimited records, superior security and performance, and you can always export your data - even with our cheapest option. You'll also have our honest and passionate (and nerdy) team working hard to ensure your agency's experience with SAM is awesome.

Yes, you can make your SAM system HIPPA compliant. To do so, you must restrict and track access to your medical data by setting user permissions. If we're hosting your SAM then please see our Data Security - Backup, Firewall and Restrictions for details on how we address physical and hosting environment data security. SAM's systems are HIPAA compliant.

If your agency is seeking accrediation for international adoption, SAM can help. We have more details on this here.

SAM is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems using the latest versions of Safari, Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. You can also access SAM on a mobile device with internet connection.

Yes! There are three ways you can import data from a previous system or Excel: 

  1. Simple spreadsheets can be imported via a SAM Report
  2. MigEasy, our migration utility for more complex relationship databases. 
  3. Custom migration script, rare situations 

Our support staff can assist you with the data migration process.

Yes, our staff is available for implementation calls, web conferencing, and on-site training. Some support is included with your SAM site - request a demo for more details. We can also assist with data migration, inital setup of forms and users, and advanced customization.

SAM stands for Social Action Management.