Debate for Oregon's Future

Tonight, the Debate for Oregon’s Future was held at Roosevelt High School in North Portland. The debate featured Oregon’s gubernatorial candidates in the upcoming election this November. The debate was unique in that all questions posed were from youth from around the state, as young as 12, ready and anxious to have their voices heard.

Through political rhetoric and a gloss over the issues, what was most interesting were the questions that have come up in these young people’s lives. Questions asked centered around our government’s efforts to support mental health, gender and race identities, trauma, foster care and education. The concerns were geared toward the care of the individuals in need, the funding of our support systems and ideas for making change.

Despite the gravity of such discussion, each stood tall, ready to be heard and steadfast in hopes of real answers. It was a powerful event to remind us all to raise our voice.

For our readers, we thank you for your dedication and hard work to make your communities better. Our future is being, listening and ready for action.